Why CSC For Your Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory & Yamaha Motorcycle?

Superb Engineering and Exquisite Design

With a CSC Trike conversion you can be sure you're getting unparalleled performance with the most innovative and beautifully styled trike kits on the market. From the Sport, which set a whole new standard in the trike industry, to the newly released Custom Trike kit, which is truly the most innovative suspension and body design.
CSC Trikes continues to lead the way.




Highest Industry Standards in Safety & Comfort

For over 35 years, CSC has earned an excellent record of performance, durability and safety. CSC's extensive experience in the industry means decades of research, testing and design of optimal performance equipment with knowledge and attention dedicated to engineering, safety and comfort. CSC works hard to provide loyal customers with a safe and smooth ride for thousands of miles across the world.




Premier Trailer Manufacturer

They have earned the reputation as the premier manufacturer of touring trailers and accessories. That reputation is based on thousands of satisfied customers pulling their trailers over hundreds of thousands of miles on roads across the globe. Form and function meet with the superb body styling, suspension and storage capacity, creating a trailer that looks as beautiful as it performs. They are designed to match the style of a specific bike, while maintaining a look that complements any vehicle equally as well. You will get unmatched quality and durability that you can count on for years of touring adventures. One thing is for certain, own one of these and you will never want to own any other brand of trailer again.

Built to Last

Engineered for high performance and miles, CSC trikes, trailers and sidecars offers unmatched quality, precision engineering and design. Take a test ride and let them show you how they have been the most trusted name in motorcycle after-market engineering for over 30 years.

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